Andreas Lyberatos
Grieks beeldend kunstenaar multi-media.

In this body of work, Lyberatos continues his exploration of the journey in its metaphorical, conceptual and actual sense. To serve this notion of transition, he invents and provides us with a group of vehicles and facilities that potentially function to connect different together geographical locations and emotional situations. These somewhat contradictory hybrid conveyances conflate and codify all the feelings we have regarding departure, travel, and migration in the general. Bridges split in two or suspended in space, ghostly barges whose sole cargo is a lighthouse, dark and fallen on its side, an airplane-bus that may have just landed or else is riveted to the ground, a bus either trapped within or equipped with its own bus-stop/house, a lighthouse perched on a cliff shaped like a dog simultaneously evoking Cerberus and our lovingly protective pet, even a shipwreck inside a bridge all invoke the anxiety, trepidation, and challenge that accompanies our anticipation and hopefulness for what lies ahead along the way and upon our arrival.
Lyberatos’ interest focuses primarily on the process and the experience of travel, movement, departure, and dislocation. Nevertheless, he does hint at what awaits us at our final destination. In one instance there is a town square, devoid of human presence, with an official obelisk offset by humble, yet monumentally proportioned buckets. In another more intimate instance, two chairs anticipate inhabitants to offer rest and the precious gift of hospitality.

Andrea Gilbert, Art Critic, 2011     

Lyberatos Andreas



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