Gallery S&H DE BUCK is pleased to announce”50 branches” and”Mongolia-a different view” an exhibition of new photographs by Koen Blanckaert .

…His work exudes a non-finito quality. Like he finished paintings that Ensor signed with’pas fini’ , it refers to the changeability of life.
Such slightly melancholical vitalism relates to the emotions the artist experiences when trying to capture the living essence but failing to grasp it together. ..

Quoted from  Stef Van Bellingen.

…Koen Blanckaert’s photographs record a moment of movement and rhythm of life.The shifting mysteries are being unfolded in common places and moments.
These pictures give materiality to the subjects’ implicit spirit.Koen Blanckaert feeds images to the viewer, in full openness, without dogma, without pretension.
He proffers the fundamentals of the art of photography in such a way that each of them communicates with our curiosity, our desire and our recognition…

Quoted from Johan Swinnen.


Koen Blanckaert is born in Bruges 1961.
He studied at the Royal Academy for Modern Arts in Ghent K.A.S.K-Photo & Art-Film.
He received the First Price Victor Hasselblad (1984), he was freelance assistant for different fashion photographers in London( 1985).
He founded an own photo-studio in 1986 and works as freelance photographer for fashion-publicity-industry. Many contributions for magazines-books-artbooks.
He started to show his work at the artistic scene in 1985.

2007: Group-exhibition "Gras dat verder groeit - Miniaturen" / "L'Herbe continue à croître - Miniatures"  at Boekentoren Ghent - Library of the University of Ghent

2008: Group-exhibition "Gras dat verder groeit - Miniaturen" / "L'Herbe continue à croître - Miniatures" december 08 till januari 09 at De Doos - Cultural Center Hasselt

2009: Contribution to "RING" Exhibition "SIEGFRIED DE BUCK: een carrière als Juweelontwerpen en Zilversmid" - october 2009 till februari 2010- in DESIGNMUSEUM Ghent

2010: Group-exhibition "Gras dat verder groeit - Miniaturen" / "L'Herbe continue à croître - Miniatures  at Museum 1302 Kortrijk

2010: Group-exhibition "Oeverture Architectuur tussen droom en werkelijkheid" - September at S&H De Buck

2011:4 tot 27 maart  "Mongolië"


Blanckaert Koen



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