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1997 Affiche:  ANP exhibition S&H De Buck Gent for BRTN (Dutch Belgian Radio and Television )
Frituur Victoria:  ANP exhibition, S&H De Buck Gent for Studio Brussel (Dutch radio) interview by   Chantal Pattyn
1991 Documentary and interview for Radio et Télévison Belge Francophone


2005 Collaboration with German designer Christoph Broich
2004 'Nothing comes between me and my torch' published by Torch  Books/Amsterdam
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2003 Currency, Art Publication, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (reproduction artwork p. 27)
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2001 International ad campaign Torch Gallery (drawings), Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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1991 ‘Marlon, You’re Not an Angel’, Nieuw Wereld Tijdschrift, Brussels, Belgium
‘Cynthia’, Latin poems by J.P. Guepin and eight lino-cut by Jimi Dams, Ed. De Carbolineum    Pers, Wildert, Belgium
‘I Dreamt I Was Jan Arends’, poems by Frans Pointl and nine lino-cuts by Jimi Dams; Ed. De    Carbolineum Pers Wildert, Belgium
1990 ‘78 lino’s’, 78 lino-cuts by Jimi Dams, Ed. De Carbolineum Pers, Wildert, Belgium
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2004 New York University, Departement of Visual Arts, New York, NY, guest lecture and juror MFA    program
1999 Rutgers University, Department of Visual Arts, New Brunswick, NJ; guest lecture
1996 Academy of fine arts, Brasschaat, Belgium; contemporary art tour & lecture, New York, NY


2003 Province of Antwerp purchase
2001 Nominated for AICA's (Association of International Art Critics-American Section) Best Show in a    Commercial Gallery Award
1997 Grant by the Belgian State
1991 Best cover design of the year, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1987 Belgian State purchase

Dams Jimi



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