PERMANENT: Hedendaagse juwelen en zilveren objecten van de hand van Siegfried De Buck


“Looking without knowing is very different from seeing with understanding.”


Jewellery designer and silver-smith
designer multi-media
professor  Sint-Lucas Antwerpen.

Siegfried De Buck is one of the pioneers of the contemporary silversmithing ,not only because of his performance in jewellery arts, but also because of his silverware. He plays an important role in the development of the silversmith’s trade in Belgium.

His objects are characterized  by a very personal artistic view and an excellent workmanship.
De Buck starts training as silversmith at the Abbey School of Maredsous , IATA
He complete his studies at the Académie des Arts Décoratifs  in Strasbourg (F).
He gains a lot of recognition when he receives several prizes, including  the Award of the Ministry of Flemish Community in1983. The Henry van De Velde Award for his career in 2008
Meanwhile he can add a impressive list of exhibitions in Belgium and foreign countries to his cv. Many are already familiar with his work ,which are been shown in numerous museums and galleries in Europe ,Japan and the USA. Several museums have bought a creation of De Buck e.g. The Design Museum Ghent, the Provincial Zilvermuseum Sterckshof in Deurne and the prestigious Schmuckmuseum in Phorzheim, the cutlery “tools for table” at the Boymans Van Beuningen , Rotterdam (NL) ,the walking-stick in the collection of the Royal College at the Victorian and Albert museum London 
The Ministry of Foreign Trade purchased a ring in 1987, the Ministry of Culture bought one of the sculptures.
His work shows a great personality in which technique and elegancy are the main factors.
The combination of materials, particularly gold with non –precious materials ,
is also a leitmotiv in his work. Each creation of  Siegfried De Buck has his own story.
Purely designing doesn’t  interest him and De Buck is responsible for both design and realisation of his creations; most of the time monumental, streamlined shapes.
The jewels and objects are suggestive and functional
Siegfried De Buck pays a lot of attention to the use of materials. He knows the features of the materials and knows how to exploit them in an inventive way.
He introduced the TIG welding technique in the silversmith’s trade in the beginning of the nineties.
Technique and game lead to inventive solutions for the De Buck . For example, this can be noticed in the way in which elements are assembled or in an ingeniously hidden closing mechanism.
The perfection of the silversmith reveals itself in the finishing touch of his objects.
In his creations , Siegfried De Buck melts an image language, which completely flows out of himself, with an enormous command of material and technique. The result is an oeuvre which shows a strong personality and an artistic talent.
That’s why the silversmith from Ghent certainly belongs to the top of contemporary silver smiting
Text  monograph: Siegfried De Buck by Ann Vandenbroucke VIZO 2003


jeweller and silversmith, lecturer at Sint Lucas Karel de Grote Hogeschool Antwerp

The main feature of the work of jewel artist and silversmith Siegfried De Buck is the combination of precious metals with other materials.
Charged objects:The jewels that Siegfried De Buck makes are almost magical or sacral objects. A ring of his acquires the power of the Ring in Wagner’s opera. Is this the result of experience; does it spring from a vision? “I’ve worked for nearly forty years and put an enormous amount of energy into my work. As a result the objects I have created are highly charged and, as far as design is concerned, they enter into a confrontation with what is usually understood by the term ‘design’. They find their origin in a totally different system, in a purely artistic environment based on craftsmanship, but equally in the stories woven around them.” With this statement Siegfried De Buck denounces consumer-driven design. “One design object transcends the next because it is matter that is charged, something with a history, something that is caressed and cherished. Why do certain objects meet with success, while others don’t? There are few objects which have iconic value or which acquire social value. A great many designed objects spring from marketing strategies and hardly transcend consumption. You can pass this trend over by making value-charged objects. In my view an object must radiate power. An object which has museum value does radiate that power.” The jewels and objects that Siegfried De Buck creates are wrapped in stories, but this also works the other way round in that they tell stories about who wears or uses them.The smith of Olympus:In Siegfried De Buck’s mind the story that goes together with a jewel is very important indeed, and there is no denying that his work is characterized by a very distinctive language of its own. He does not follow the easy path, he has always obstinately gone his own way.Uomo universal: Although a genuine craftsman, Siegfried De Buck willingly accepts new technology and modern methods. He is open-minded and committed to exploration. He appears to have all the characteristics of the uomo universale. That also implies that he is firmly rooted in man’s past and in his myths. “What matters is to make something mythical, something that time will define. My aim is to charge the material that I handle with stories and ideas.” Master of the arts (of living)The many years he has spent in his workshop have made Siegfried De Buck a very philosophical man. There he must have found the right place and the time to contemplate. “We all have a secret garden and each of us must build things there which exist for us only. Sometimes you have to do things, to ‘flee’ from something. Contemplation will change you.

Quoted from Shany Goemaere

Siegfried De Buck

Juweelkunstenaar en zilversmid ,docent Sint Lucas Karel De Grote Hogeschool Antwerpen

Juweelsmid Siegfried De Buck zijn werk wordt gekenmerkt door het samenspel van edele metalen met andere materialen.
Het resultaat van de door hem gecreëerde objecten zijn dan ook geladen objecten en ze gaan qua vormgeving de confrontatie aan met hetgeen men onder vormgeving begrijpt. Ze zijn ontstaan vanuit een totaal ander systeem, uit het puur artistieke en ambachtelijke, maar ook uit de verhalen rond die dingen. “Het object moet een kracht uitstralen. Een voorwerp dat museumwaarde heeft, straalt dat uit.” Rond de juwelen en objecten van Siegfried De Buck zijn verhalen geweven, maar ook andersom: ze vertellen iets over hun gebruiker of drager.

Voor Siegfried De Buck is het verhaal rond een juweel zeer belangrijk en zijn werk spreekt ongetwijfeld een eigen taal.
Hoewel hij een echte ambachtsman is, staat Siegfried De Buck ook open voor moderne technologie en methodes. Hij heeft een open geest en doet veel onderzoek. “Het gaat er om iets mythisch te kunnen maken, waar de tijd over beslist. Ik wil de materie laden met verhalen en ideeën.” “Iedereen heeft een verborgen tuin en ieder van ons kan er dingen gaan bouwen die alleen voor zichzelf zijn. Je moet soms dingen doen, uit iets ‘vluchten’. Door te contempleren verander je.”


short CV

Siegfried De Buck(1949° Kalken)       

Professor at the Sint-Lucas Hogeschool, jewellery department, Antwerp.

Studied at the "Ecole des Métiers d'Arts de Maredsous (IATA)", (1965, Belgium) and the "Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg" (1966-67, France)

Active since 1971

He exhibited in San Francisco, Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Luxemburg, Courtrai, Avignon, Bonn, Ghent, Bruges, Waterloo, Sevilla, Namur, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Solingen, Zurich, Hildesheim, Tilburg, Taipei, Antwerp, Kawazawa (Japan), Rotterdam, Ostend, Ljubljana, The Hague, Hanau, Monza, Berlin,Pforzheim  ( D ) Praque Osaka  Japan , Wisconsin , Texas and New-York, e.o.…………… , as well as in different  Belgian galleries and museums .

Awarded the "Provinciale Prijs Oost-Vlaanderen" (1978), the "Onderscheiding De Beers" and de "Onderscheiding Ministerie Vlaamse Gemeenschap" (Both in 1983), and the "Felix De Boeckprijs" (1992).
1998 Nomination Boymans Van Beuningen Rotterdam : with "Table Tools " ( 1998 )
2009 Award Henry Van De Velde for the career
2010 Member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Science and Arts.

1986    Canada Montréal UCAM 
1988    Antwerp with Friedrich Becker CAD-CAM procedure with Jan Hoet
1993    Antwerp (with Alberto Alessi,  Alessandro Mendini and Gabrieli De Vecchi )
1993    Antwerp with Bernard Schöbinger
1997    Antwerp with Christoph Zellweger
1998    Antwerp with Onno Boekhoudt
1999    Amsterdam and Antwerp with Ruudt Peters
1999    Scheffield Hallam Universety  with Chr Zellweger
1999    Antwerp with Maxfield Cameron
2000    Canada Montreal UCAM 
2001    Antwerp with Christina Filipe 2001
2002    Düsseldorf Höch-Fach-Schüle
2003    London Master Class  Royal College of Arts
2005    South Africa Cultural Mission Kwazulu_Natal

Made a short-film for the exhibition Transit Brussels ‘’The eye of the walking-stick’’
‘’the vehicle of the Nomade’’regie: Siegfried De Buck  cineast: Lou Demeyere
2010 Realisation by commission of a sculpture :”De boom der ringen” bronze 8m high


Brussels; Ministry of Foreign Trade: ring (jewel pavilion) 2001   
Brussels; De Vlaamse Gemeenschap; sculpture  (enlarged X30) from neckless

Brussels; Nationale Bank: "Praline-box"+ "Nid à bonbons"
Ghent, Museum voor Sierkunst "Praline- theater"
Oostende Museum P.M.M.K.; neckless
Antwerpen; Kalmthout-stripmuseum; walking - stick "Krimson"
Pforzheim; Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim im Reuchlinhaus, ring "Spina"
Antwerpen:Sterckshofopdracht : “Het hoedenproject” Provinciaal Museum Sterckshof –Zilvercentrum 1999.
Rotterdam: Museum Boijmans van Beuningen,"cutlery": “Tools for table”
Ghent : Acquisition  Province  East of Flanders . Silver Object : "Quadget "
Trophy “Regatta” Roeiclub Gent  2008
2008 London: Victoria & Albert Museum : acquisition walking-stick in the Art visiting Artists Collection of metalwork, jewellery and silver
Ghent , Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen gift to Prince Filip and Princess Mathilde
Massif silver chocolate-can + two spoons‘’Prinselijk ontbijt voor twee ‘’
Oostende, PMMK Medal ’’Varen’’ for the exhibition” From earth to heaven “
Sculpture ( bronze) “From earth to heaven”
Leuven : Acquisition :Province Vlaams-Brabant ‘’Loco-Café ‘’ ‘’Tig-can ‘’


From 15 december 1984 til 10 march 1985 Siegfried De Buck Stad Gent-Museum voor Sierkunst Jan Breydelstraat 5

Siegfried De Buck PMMK Oostende 18 december  1993 till 7march 1994

Siegfried De Buck Sterckshof Studies16 Provinciaal Museum Sterckshof–Zilvercentrum:by Leo De Ren 2000
Siegfried De Buck  monography by Ann Vandenbroucke “Stichting Kunstboek “ VIZO 2003
Siegfried De Buck , Bart Janssen,Luc Derycke : “Ajour” Juweel buiten beeld 2006
Siegfried De Buck “Table Works” Marta Herford 2008
Siegfried De Buck  Peking China presentation “ tools for table” in the Belgian Ambassy during the  Olympic Games  2008
2009-2010 “Siegfried De Buck-RING” book by MER-Luc Derycke

Recent participations 

2006 “Making sense in the city” UGent with Prof  Antropologue H Pinxten
2007”Miniaturen “+ book (Mercatorfonds) Exhibition Boekentoren UGent-Biblioteek Gent     
2007 “Wert-Zeichen” selected , exhibition Hanau 75 Jahre Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst
2008 Mobilia Gallery Cambridge U.S.A.”Jewelry in Painting & Architecture”
Parures  Château –Musée de la Ville de Cagnes sur Mer  2 february -1 June
Peking China “Tools for table” Belgium Ambassady- Olympick Games
Gent Museum van Alijn tentoonstelling 125 bestaan Roeiclub Gent trofee “Regatta”
“Table Works” Marta Herford 2008
Design Museum Gent “Sjalom/salaam””Ontmoeting rond          
 juwelen” 21/11 – 01/02/2009
2009 Henry van de Velde Award  for his career in the
Flamish Parlement in Brussels.13/1/ -21/02/2009

2009-2010 Design museum Gent “Siegfried De Buck-Overzichtstentoonstelling”

2011 Participation exhibition “Bois&Cie Pévenas(Fr)
2011-2012 Participation The European Triennial for Contemporary Jewellery.

Participation : exhibition PINS EXD’I Lisboa 28 sept-27 nov.2011
Participation: De Mijlpaal »Andermans veren » 23/10/2011 tot 15/01/2012

Recente publicatie: naar aanleiding van zijn overzichtstentoonstelling  in het Design Museum te Gent 2009-2010 :”Siegfried De Buck-Ring”uitgave MER –Luc Derycke.ISBN-NUMMER 9789076979960  



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